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upcoming event highlights:

Saturday, March 12, 2011
Fresh Sound Series: Pamela Z
The Loft, La Jolla, CA

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
room: Glass Noodle
Carl Stone and Pamela Z
The ROOM Series, Royce Gallery
San Francisco, CA

glass noodle
Friday, April 1, 2011
Pamela Z in a shared Disklavier Concert
The Extended Piano: Works for Disklavier
White Box, New York, NY

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Pamela Z Tape Piece at Lincoln Center
((audience)) – Cinema for the Ear
Walter Reade Theater – Lincoln Center, NY

Friday, May 13, 2011
Pamela Z in Barcelona
Festival Internacional de Poesia de Barcelona Palau Música Catalana, Barcelona Spain

Yield to Whim

May 2011
SoundWORK intensive
Pamela Z Sound & Performance Workshop

June, July & August 2011
Longer Burning (Violas), Robin Cox Ensemble, Poetry + Motion, & Return of the Qube Chix


From Montalvo Dinners & Mushroom Hunting to
Marsupials, Vegamite, & Filmmakers

Gazzetta Readers:

My 2011 started with an eventful two months away from home! I spent January and most of February doing an artist residency at the Montalvo Arts Center in Los Gatos, CA and I spent the last 10 days of February in Australia, participating in an event called "The HIVE" that was part of the Adelaide Film Festival.

At Montalvo, I was wined and dined nightly in the company of an ever-shifting group of fellow artists (mostly new faces for me – Chico McMurtrie & Wayne Horvitz were the only people I already knew). We sat around the table bubbling with conversation and praising Andrea Blum (Montalvo's current culinary fellow) who prepared the delicious meals each night. Andrea's boyfriend, Sasha, happens to be something of a mycologist, and introduced many of us to the art of mushroom hunting. So there was always fungus among us, and we enjoyed many a meal that included liberal amounts of freshly gathered chanterelles. One particular walk (in which I was privileged to participate) yielded 18 pounds of the golden beauties. That evening, we had chanterelle bisque with chanterelle bruschetta, and a chanterelle frittata. Yum!

With all the eating and mushroom hunting, surprisingly I did manage to get a lot of work done during my residency. I began work on a new media piece about memory and created a little work-in-progress segment of it which I presented during my performance at the Carriage House Theatre. I also recorded sounds from the inside of the Steck baby grand that was in my studio to create a new bank of samples, and I made a lot of headway on the interactive web portal of my work Baggage Allowance. I'll be getting back to you with details of the upcoming public launch of that soon!

I went directly from my residency to Adelaide, South Australia, where I gave a presentation and participated as a mentor in an exciting event called The HIVE. It was organized by Wendy Levy of BAVC, and involved five days of workshopping with a pretty stellar group of independent filmmakers, writers, actors, media artists, and a few choreographers and composers. We were in sessions daily from morning till evening–at which time we'd attend screenings and, on one evening, a stage play. Fortunately I arrived in Adelaide a day before things got started, so I had time to go to a nature preserve and spend a day petting Koalas and feeding and hanging out with Kangaroos. They were just too adorable for words! When I went to a restaurant that evening, I was a bit taken aback to see kangaroo as one of the choices on the menu.

I'd scarcely acclimated when it was already time to go home. After being on a plane for what felt like an eternity, I landed in San Francisco six hours before my plane left Australia! Now, I'm back home trying to get over the jetlag from my recent "time travel". But instead of resting up, I kind of hit the ground running because I couldn't miss out on the overabundance of amazing concerts that were scheduled locally. I had to miss the first evening of Other Minds to see the Merce Cunningham Company in their final tour. It was the best Cunningham Company performance I can remember (and I've seen a lot of them), because they remounted historic works including the 1958 Antic Meet. I finished the weekend by attending two brilliantly diverse Other Minds evenings with wildly contrasting works including a beautiful, spatial work by David Jaffe with Trimpin's instruments and two string quartets distributed throughout the hall. In these difficult times, it's best to be fortified with good art! Now, on with making and presenting* some of my own. Read on....


(*see San Francisco Classical Voice interview.)

O'Leary Ball
PZ with large Chanterelle

Close-up of a Chanterelle the size of your head.

PZ Circling
PZ's koala pal is high on Eucalyptus leaves

PZ  & Ronee
Shadow art in Adelaide

around the table
Hactivist Laura Hilliger, PZ,
Filmmaker/Opera Director Penny Woolcock

Ladies of the Barn
Roos crossing.

Trimpin Pipes
One of Trimpin's pipes at Other Minds
(photo: Tom Steenland)

upcoming details:

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Fresh Sound Series

Friday March 12, 2011 8:00pm
Regular: $20 Reserved; $15 G.A.
UCSD Student: $10

Composer/performer Pamela Z will give a concert of short works for voice, live electronics, and video including excerpts from her recent large-scale work Baggage Allowance as part of the Fresh Sounds Series at The Loft at 8pm in La Jolla, CA USA

Purchase by clicking this link or by calling 858.534.TIXS (M-F, 10am-4pm).


3.16.11 wednesday 8pm


CARL STONE: computer
PAMELA Z: voice & computer

Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets, or at the Door.

Carl Stone and Pamela Z in a shared concert of tasty translucent delights.

On Wednesday, March 16th 2011, at 8pm the ROOM chamber series continues with an electronic music evening featuring Carl Stone and Pamela Z performing separately and together. The two composer/performers will serve up a plate of tangled, spicy, sonic flavors.

Royce Gallery: 2901 Mariposa St (between Harrison & Alabama Streets) San Francisco, CA
Admission $10 at the door or
through Brown Paper Tickets


Friday, April 1, 2011
Pamela Z in a shared Disklavier Concert
The Extended Piano: Works for Disklavier
White Box, New York, NY

Presented by the Electronic Music Foundation, curated by Elloitt Sharp

The Extended Piano Festival presents a series of concerts and installations highlighting the unique and rarely composed-for Disklavier. A robotic, MIDI controlled, grand piano, the Disklavier allows composers to create works with techniques and dynamics beyond human capabilities and to be presented without a performer. These characteristics make it an instrument challenging for composers and particularly qualified for installed works. Pamela Z will perform live on the Disklavier using gesture-based MIDI controllers.

TICKETS: $15/$10 for students/seniors and EMF members.

INFO: For more information on the event, email emfproductions@emf.org,
or call (888) 749-9998.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 8pm
((audience)) – Cinema for the Ear
Walter Reade Theater – Lincoln Center, NY

((audience)) (Unsound Festival New York Labs) will present Pamela Z's work, “De-Star Spangled Banner” as part of Cinema for the Ear, a special 5.1 suround-sound "cinema in the dark" program featuring fixed media works by various sound artists and composers as well as a sound-only screening of Rob Eggars' short "Tell Tale Heart".

Film Society of Lincoln Center, Walter Reade Theater
165 West 65th St, New York
(212) 875-5610
$12 / Discount for Film Society Members


Pamela Z

Benjamin PattersonCarl Stone + Pamela Z

Festival Internacional de Poesia de Barcelona
Friday, May 13, 2011
Pamela Z at Palau de la Musica Catalana

Pamela Z performs a concert of works for voice & electronics as part of Festival Internacional de Poesia de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain. The festival takes place in one of the most emblematic buildings in all of Barcelona: the Palau de la Musica Catalana (Catalan Music Hall).


PZ with Setup


ROOM Series 2011 Summer Season:
Royce Gallery, 2901 Mariposa Street, San Francisco

all concerts 8pm

Longer Burning

room: Longer Burning
an evening of violists: Hank Dutt, Charlton Lee, Jhno Delicatear (PZ joins for finale)

7.8.11 & 7.9.11 room: RCE
Robin Cox Ensemble
In an evening including works by Bay Area composers Amy X Neuburg, Pamela Z, and others.

room: Poetry + Motion
Sonic artists using language and movement artists dancing in close quarters. Featuring: The Atchleys, Kinji Hayashi, Dean Santomieri, Shinichi Iova Koga, Pamela Z, Leigh Evans.

Pamela Z + The Qube Chix
Return of The Qube Chix... Beneath the Planet of The Qube Chix... The Qube Chix Locked and Loaded... The Qube Chix Ride Again... Qube Chix Too.

The Qube Chix
The Qube Chix
ca 1992


SoundWORK Intensive

Pamela Z gives a sound and performance workshop exploring experimental music, audio art, and interdisciplinary performance practices. Participants will explore experimental composition techniques, and the work and ideas of new music composers and sound art practitioners, receive demonstration and hands-on instruction with tools (software, hardware etc.) and techniques for the creation of sound and performance works, and create and present works of their own.

Group intensive:
10:30am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday May 21 - 22, 2011
+ Private sessions by appointment during the two weeks following, and a final group meeting/salon to present works on the afternoon of June 4, 2011.

For workshop or enrollment information:
visit pamelaz.com/soundwork.html
or email Pamela Z
or call 415 861 EARS













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Pamela Z is a composer/performer and media artist whose solo works combine a wide range of vocal techniques with electronic processing, samples, video, and gesture activated MIDI controllers. Ms. Z has toured extensively throughout the US, Europe, and Japan. Her work has been presented at venues and exhibitions including Bang on a Can (NY), the Japan Interlink Festival, Other Minds (SF), the Venice Biennale, and the Dakar Biennale. She's created installation works and composed scores for dance, film, and new music chamber ensembles. Her numerous awards include a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Creative Capital Fund, the CalArts Alpert Award, the ASCAP Award, an Ars Electronica honorable mention and the NEA/JUSFC Fellowship. www.pamelaz.com

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